Rotary Osborne Park in collaboration with a number of other Rotary clubs has been delivering a program of education, clinical assessment and treatment programs for children with Fetal  Alcohol  Syndrome Disorder (Make  FASD  History Project).  Our lead Rotarian  Bruce  Dufty  travels  to  Leonora  every  6-8 weeks to  advise,  support and  generally  facilitates the change  process.
His trips to Lenora are complimented  by  transporting a range  of  “Donations-in-Kind”  goods from other Rotary clubs and  other community  groups.  From January 2019 to December 2020 he has passed on the following goods:
  • school uniforms (donated by Rotary Club of Belmont in collaboration with Osborne Park),
  • new and second-hand clothing (donated by Rotary Clubs, individual Rotarians and Perth Community members),
  • used spectacles where 67% can be recycled in the community (donated by Rotary Club of Osborne Park in collaboration with OPSM, other companies and Rotary Clubs),
  • new first aid kits (donated by Rotary Club of Heirisson) that the St John’s Ambulance Services and the Community Health Centre can hand to Aboriginal people on completion of their certificate training in First Aide,
  • heavy duty new blankets (donated by Rotary Clubs of Pinjarra and Heirisson)
  • second-hand change-of-season blankets (donated by the Rotary Clubs of Pinjarra in collaboration with Qantas),
  • new knitted beanies (donated by Rotary  Club of  Osborne Park ).

Spectacles are distributed by the Community Health Clinic and helps Aboriginal people with sight issues to select glasses that meet their needs. This can mean that some males walk away with red-framed women’s glasses. Generally, 67% of glasses received for redistribution are re-cycled. Rotary Club of Osborne Park has donated a portable mirror to help the community make their choices.

The Golden Bell Aboriginal Church had requested certain bible translations because they had access only to a bible owned by the Preacher. Families in Perth provided an additional 3 bibles, a large print bible and two children’s story bibles. The additions were welcomed. Second-hand clothing (donated by individual Rotarians) was also given to the Golden Bell Aboriginal Church for distribution to the most disadvantaged community members.

Rotary in  Action

A wheel has been the symbol of Rotary since our earliest days. The wheel was said to illustrate "Civilization, Movement and Service work in action."  The spokes represent an outward distribution path of Rotary's ideals of service and the Four Way Test… going out toward the community, vocations and businesses that our members represent.  Our  project  in Lenora  clearly  demonstrates the Rotary work in action.  Rotary Osborne Park is proud to be a part of this project