Rotary’s, efforts to bringing awareness to the cause of FASD, reduce further damage and provide support to those already affected has been recognised in an article published by Rotary International in their global magazine and website.  Worldwide, FASD is a huge problem, and more often than not, those with the condition don't get the right kind of support. In recent years, Rotary clubs have started to take on the issue. 
Rotary members got involved because they were concerned about "the destruction of so many lives and the pressures FASD places on people in some very poverty-stricken communities," says Bruce Dufty, a member of the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour, Australia. In some predominantly Indigenous communities there, 20 percent of children have been diagnosed with disorders related to prenatal alcohol exposure.
The full article, which highlights the work done by the Rotary Club of Osborne Park, can be viewed here