Rotary Supports Greenbatch

The Rotary Club of Osborne Park is supporting GreenBatch who are working towards building Western Australia's first plastic recycling facility.  GreenBatch has been set up by Darren Lomman, who you may know from his previous venture, Dreamfit.  The plant will recycle PET bottles into the filament used by 3D printers, which is in high demand and fetches a premium price tag.
Darren is working with the primary schools to collect the recyclable PET bottles, the schools will get the 10 cents refund for doing this.  The bottles will be collected from the schools  with the assistance of various Rotary clubs and members.  Some of the finished product will be returned to the schools to be used by their 3D printers, closing the loop.
The project is particularly impressive for its holistic approach.   By recycling the plastic bottles GreenBatch is reducing the environmental damage caused  by their disposal.  The project provides a resource to  assist children to learn about an emerging technology, 3D printing.  It encourages the younger generation, and through them their parents, to recycle and it enlists Rotary in the process and exposes the participants to the great work we do.