Kampong Speu Referral Hospital
Chris Keenan Surgical Complex
Construction of the building to accommodate the new new surgical wing of the Kampong Speu Referral Hospital is nearing completion.  Construction has been completed and fitting out of the interior is well advanced.  Plans are being finalised to officially open the hospital in November.
Demolition of the site commenced in December 2021 with construction f the foundations beginning in January.   Framing of the walls occurred in February and by the end of April the roof had been installed.  
While this was happening,  used equipment was being collected in Perth, packed into a container on 14 May, and dispatched to Cambodia shortly thereafter.
The Rotary Club of Osborne Park in conjunction with the Hawthorn Rotary Club in Melbourne are assisting a group of retired Orthopaedic Surgeons and an incumbent Orthopaedic Surgeon in Phnom Penh to build a new surgical wing to the Kampong Speu Referral Hospital. The hospital is located some 45 minutes from Phnom Penh, in Cambodia. This project incorporates two Operating Theatre Annex and provide operating equipment, surgical supplies, and patient hospital beds to enable orthopaedic surgeons to provide their services to the poor in the local community. Dr Sok Meng, Dr Tim Keenan, Dr Peter Lugg and other visiting surgeons will volunteer their time at the hospital to perform surgeries and train local staff. Many residents would receive surgery that they could not otherwise afford.
The project team includes Dr Sok Meng, an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Cambodia to ensure local content is considered in the decisions. Plans for the wing were drawn up in Cambodia and reviewed by a specialist Perth Architectural practice.  The plans enabled costs to be estimated by local builders, costs that are substantially lower than would be incurred in Australia for similar work.  
The work would not have been possible without the generous donation of $300,000 from Dr Tim Keenan’s brother Chris Keenan, who together with other donors have provided most of the funding for the shell of the building.  Rotary will seek further donations and seek hospital & theatre equipment & surgical instruments from Perth Hospitals.
With the assistance of Dr Tim Keenan, Rotary have put together an itemised list of the equipment required for the hospital, including such things as theatre lights, patient monitors, operating tables, patient beds etc.  Pip Asphar canvassed our established network of hospital equipment donors for the needed equipment, who as per our previous experience were very helpful and generous.  In addition, a Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) account has been set up for the Kampong Speu Referral Hospital - Chris Keenan Surgical Complex to enable donations  made to be tax deductible https://donations.rawcs.com.au/36-2021-22  Some of the funds donated to this account will be used to transport the equipment donated up to Cambodia.
Ongoing funding for the operation of the hospital will be provided by the Cambodian Government at a rate of US$200.00 per patient, and other donations.  As is normal in Cambodia, the hospital does not supply food for the patients which must be provided by the patient’s relatives or friends. Patient wards are open air, minimizing the operating cost of the facility.
This Hospital will make a huge difference to the lives of the local poor people in this part of Cambodia.  If you would like to make a difference and be part of this project tax deductible donations can be made via the following link https://donations.rawcs.com.au/36-2021-22