Commercial Laundry Solutions has donated four reconditioned Electrolux commercial washing machines and a drier to Cambodia for use in their laundries.   Electrolux are providing ~$6,000 of parts to update and refurbish the washing machines.  
These units will augment the single washing machine currently at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital, the biggest and poorest public hospital in Cambodia, which has over 800 patients through its doors every day.  With only one washing machine, the linen is not being properly cleaned, so the new machines will greatly assist in reducing disease transmission.
In addition, Michael Flowers and his wife Jodie, who own the business, have offered to travel to Cambodia at their own expense to install the machines and train the locals on their use.  Michael has also managed to obtain a supply of chemicals for the machines that will be included in the shipment.
Thanks Michael and Jodie, what a great effort, your assistance is greatly appreciated by us at Rotary and the people in Cambodia.