Dawn, Louise, Brian and David, together with Andrea and Peter from HFM, manned Quarry hole 7 at the Property Council golf day on Tuesday 11 September.   The event was well patronised with about 200 people attending.  HFM  https://www.hfmassets.com.au/ sponsored a prize of $10,000 for anyone getting a hole in one on the selected hole.  To participate in the competition, the players had to donate to the nominated charity this being Make FASD History.  Although no one succeeded in winning the prize, a few players got within 5 metres of it.  Some even tried to ricochet the ball off the adjacent trees, but to no avail.  The weather turned out to be fine and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.  We succeeded in raising $2,695 on the day, thanks to the support of HFM, the Property Council and all those who donated.