We included in our last shipment to Cambodia ten wheelchairs donated by Wheelchairs for Kids.  These are special wheelchairs custom built for children with disabilities.  One of the wheelchairs was sent on from Phnom Penh via Safe Haven Outreach, Siem Reip, to to her village.  The following email and photos were received from her support staff.
Greetings from Siem Reap, 
I thought you might enjoy these photos of another happy WFK/SH customer! 
Thank you to everyone for providing us the opportunity to help this child and her family. It was a well-spent afternoon.
Jessica Whitney
Nurse & Country Director
Safe Haven Medical Outreach
Siem Reap, Cambodia
From: Paula Malyon
Subject: Re: Cambodia -- Wheelchairs for Kids
Hello Don
First of all an enormous thank you for the promise a wheelchair for Socheata, I am so grateful and so happy for her & her family. She lives in a small village about 15 mins outside of Kompong Thom and suffers from Motor Neuron Disease, in her case the upper motor neurons are specifically affected. She is now 4 years old and becoming quite a struggle for her grandmother to carry around. 
If the wheelchair arrives in Phnom Penh I can arrange for someone to pick it up and transport it to Kompong Thom for me, unless your partners deliver it directly.
If I understand correctly, you have a team in PNP who will assemble the chair, will there need to be any tweaks done afterwards to fit the individual child or is it finished when we collect it?
Once again, thank you so much.
Looking forward to hearing from you with more details.
Best regards
Give Children A Future asbl