On any given night in Western Australia, around 9,000 people are considered to be homeless.  Rotary in Western Australia are keen to assist in resolving this issue, have been active in the homelessness area for several years and are supporting several projects towards ending homelessness. These include;
Rotary Supporting “My Home”
The Rotary Club of Osborne Park have committed to support “My Home” Australasia Limited to provide low cost housing for people experiencing homelessness in Western Australia.  “My Homes” Australasia Limited, a charity set up by a local architect is about to construct over 50 low cost single person houses in North Fremantle, Victoria Park and other areas.  This project is targeted at older women and others who are capable of independent living.
The “My Home” project is based on the Housing First principle that has been shown to be World’s Best Practice with an 80% success rate, i.e. people do not regress back to homelessness.  The project aims to construct low cost sustainable houses, in small clusters within landscaped grounds integrated into the local community.  The housing will be constructed on land provided at negligible cost by the state.  Funding from the private corporate sector is being provided for construction of the houses.    Once constructed, the houses will be managed by a Community Housing Provider (CHP) engaged and experienced in this work.  
Rotary has committed to furnish and equip the houses to make them into homes, and is raising funds and seeking equipment donations to do this.  The February 2022 progress report can be downloaded here.  Additional information on this project is available at the My Home project website.  Tax deductible donations to the Rotary Supporting “My Home” project can be made through the contribute / help Rotary link here.
Common Ground.   Common Ground is a model of permanent, supportive housing in a purpose-built apartment complex, for adults who have experienced chronic homelessness or are low income earners. Approximately half of the units are provided to this cohort. The Common Ground model provides dedicated, tailored support services that address the root causes of homelessness.  Rotary has worked with Shelter WA and other organisation to lobby the government to provide facilities of this type.  The State Government has committed $35 million to construct two Common Ground facilities, one in Perth and one in Mandurah.  Additional details can be found on the Common Ground website. 
Tiny Homes.  The Rotary Club of Perth are driving this project which aims to utilise refurbished portable accommodation units, dongas, donated by mining companies, set up in small villages to provide transitional accommodation (3 to 5 years) for young people.  There will be a focus on improving residents’ skills, empowerment, and community engagement.  It will be funded as a social enterprise with private investors, and will leave the community with an asset.  This project is in its infancy but is progressing rapidly.   
Medical Recovery Centre.  Rotary has been working with Homeless Healthcare to lobby the government to construct a medical recovery centre in Perth.  Homeless people incur high medical costs as they are discharged from hospital with nowhere to go, and frequently regress and end up being re-admitted for the same problem.  The proposed facility would accommodate 20 people, take in homeless people following their discharge from hospital and nurse them to better health, allowing them to fully recuperate before resuming their prior life.  The State Health Department now supports this initiative and has issued an EOI for prospective tenderers.  Rotary, Homeless Healthcare are responding to the EOI in conjunction with another partner, Uniting WA. 
Other Projects.  Rotary Clubs in Western Australia run several other significant projects aimed at assisting homeless people and raising awareness in the community of their plight.  These include;